December 31, 2008

Ongoing Israeli Atrocities

I was surprised when I heard that all New Year events and parties were cancelled on the orders of HH Sheikh Mohammad. Let me first of all say that this is a brilliant step taken by the UAE authorities to show solidarity with the Palestinians.
Secondly, reading the reactions of some of the Muslims made me want to bury my head in shame. How the heck can people be so pissed off about a party cancellation and turn a blind eye to the pain and sufferings of not just Palestinians, but Muslims everywhere! Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, each of these places, a child is losing a limb any minute! Where is the humanity? Where is the compassion? Where is the empathy gone? How can we be so selfish and be ANGRY at the cancellation of just A FRIKKIN' NEW YEAR?!?1 And what is so happy about this New Year? The killing? The inreased bloodshed? Loss of more and more human lives by even severe methods? I think not.
It is our duties as Muslims to do whatever we can to support Palestine and end the inhumane attacks of the Israelis. Here we are, eating, sleeping, liviing in peace while elsewhere, people don't even have a mattress of basic survival commodities. I want to stop this bloodshed. May Allah incur His wrath upon the Israelis, or atleast guide them. May He send His Mercy and Help to our Muslim brothers and sisters everywhere. May Allah make us better Muslims and stronger persons so that we may help and make a difference in this world. May there be world peace starting this new year, Ya Allah, help us.

December 26, 2008

Bittersweet Nostalgia

I miss Pakistan. I miss the old, crowded, dusty bazaar streets. The sound of the wild roaring generator. The smell of gas, metal, fire, dust, chaat, mud, rain combine together and create this wonderful spicy aroma. It's something like, cinnamon, with a bit of a floral scent. Yes, there are the sewers too, but Karachi has improved a lot, thanks to Mustafa Kamal. I miss the sound of the rickshaws, the cool summer wind rushing through my hair from the rolled down windows of an old car, pulling the hair away and exposing my face, sliding off my dupatta from the hair. I miss the bright summer days, the hilarious wait for the electricity to light up the house again, cursing the KESC, the beating of the dholki to while away time. I miss the lawn dupatta fanning my face on a hot day when there's no electricity, I miss reading Twilight with the light of my cellphone at night to avoid waking my aunt up. I miss the sarcasm of the people, the loud, boisterous laughs, the street vendors constantly interrupting your shopping by forcing you to buy towels, drawstrings, remote control covers and whatnot. I miss entering a chilled room or shop after enduring the hot heat outside. I miss watching my uncles play chess together, I miss watching my aunts cook in the kitchen, I miss the women bargaining in shops for clothes. I miss the pull and push of the females gathered outside jewellery shops, bargaining for bangles and demanding this colour, that colour, brandishing colour after colour of a cloth for perfect matching.
I miss the call of the Adhan with a Pakistani accent, and I miss the feeling of guilt and sadness combined with humility and compassion upon seeing armless beggars.
But most of all, I miss my home. I miss the very essence of Pakistan, the essence that I can't quite put my finger on what it is. I guess it's just the country, the love for my nation running through my veins.
If I could, I would live in Pakistan, maybe even in dire conditions.


S: Uncle aap ke paas movie hai?
U: Haan hai kau-?
S: Uncle woh hoti hai na blue wali?
U: Kau-
S: Uncle woh hoti hai na blue movie. Uncle woh blue colour ki-
U: Beta, naam to-
S: Uncle aap blue hain?


December 15, 2008

George W. Bush Gets A Goodbye Kiss

So, I'm sure all of you have already heard the (wonderfully) much-repeated news about a Shi'a Iraqi journalist throwing both his size 10 shoes on Bush. He ducked in time and the second one hit the American flag.
Now it is what it is, unethical. Journalist shouldn't have done that, but you know what? I can't help but thinking, George W. Bush earned it. That's right folks, he earned himself that. And mad props to the journalist who threw the shoes at him! I applaud your courage. George W. Bush, after the countless atrocities, rape, murder, torture, stealth implemented on the Iraqis, deserved this. I mean, sure, you rid them of Saddam Hussein, of which, BTW, you had no right, but it wsa about time you got out. You wanted good for the Iraqis? You banned Saddam from his own land, thank you very much, but they should've left soon after. No they didn't, and continued the genocide of the Iraqis. So, he got what he deserved.
I was watching CNN today, and they said that Shi'as were the ones that benefitted the most when Saddam left. True maybe, but this journalist was a Shi'a, which goes to show that religion is not much cared about, it's your very presence of destroying an entire generation and country that bothered Iraqis.
I say, let's hang George W. Bush. If I was old enough, I would definetly, if Allah wulled, filed a case against him. But I say, before he dies, someone step up and execute him. He's responsible for the bloodshed in Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, at the very least.
I hope we're not forgetting Guantanamo Bay and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui here.

December 13, 2008


Abdullah says:
Waisay i don't get it. why do people like edward? when i burp girls go all eww disgusting. Laikin when he drinks a human's blood it's dreamy and awww. :/

December 4, 2008


I attempted to do vampirish eye make-up
resulted in watery, red eyes..

I love this shirt..I wear it to bed, I wear it outside, I wear it nearly 24/7

THIS is what I was talking about Abdullah, what I wanted to show you. And Homer Bhai, this is what I was also telling you about, the accounting test paper.

Yes Business is very "borring"indeed.

Does anyone else find this hilarious? Probably not...

My parents are such sweethearts..I usually use this body spray and buy it once a month when we go grocery shopping..this month, however, I didn't need it cuz I already had the previous month's mom, without asking me, got it for me =D I found that incredibly sweet..and my dad called me from that place to ask me what I wanted, and then he got me the cherry chapstick...

Parents... *sigh* <3>

Ugly art skills..I rubbed it off once already before, hence the redness..


Mean me...
I couldn't decide which version was better
Business mock
Some guys pants I thought were really funny in the mall. When he walked, his pants moved in a different direction. Yes, you've been warned, stalkers like me take such pictures. Watch yo' back- literally! =D

December 1, 2008

Pakistan/India Relations

I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and people of over 147 nationalitie, and I'm friends with many different races; Indians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Palestinians, Iranians, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Zorostrians (Parsis), etc.
Now the reason for writing this on here is that before anyone goes all judgemental or RAWR on me, I want ya'll to know that I have NOTHING, absolutely nothing against PEOPLE of any country, it's the politicians that bug me, even Pakistani ones. So when I express my views or opinions, I request ya'll to NOT take it personally.

Now following the Mumbai attacks, I've figured out another theory:
1. America could've arranged these attacks, so that India blames Pakistan for this, and since America is supporting India, they will get a chance to attack Pakistan, as is happening in SWAT, and their mission will be accomplished. They have been looking for a chance to enter Pakistan anyway.

2. India itself could've arranged these attacks so that they get a chance to show the newly elected President Obama that this is how Muslims/Pakistanis are and so support us instead of Pakistan, and to put an end to the dam/water issue between India and Pakistan.

Now I'm not stressing too much on these things, becuase I have NO concrete proof, and so I'm not trying to prove anything.
See, none of us have solid proof about anything, because the media exaggerates and sensationalizes everything! So we can't really believe anything they say.
And also, in the end, what really matters is whoever did this is wrong. Instead of focusing on WHO did this and brewing more hate and waging another war, shouldn't we be more concerned with fighting off terrorism in an honest and sincere way, without having ulterior motives of destroying a country?
I guess world peace has no meaning anymore now does it?
It just saddens me to see that the world is coming to an end because of terrorism and greed and hatred.
But then again, it strengthens my fate because I know that each day, more and more signs of the Last Day are becoming true, and this gives me courage and strength to be a better Muslim, inshAllah, may Allah guide us all and end the sufferings of Muslims and innocent people everywhere.