December 31, 2008

Ongoing Israeli Atrocities

I was surprised when I heard that all New Year events and parties were cancelled on the orders of HH Sheikh Mohammad. Let me first of all say that this is a brilliant step taken by the UAE authorities to show solidarity with the Palestinians.
Secondly, reading the reactions of some of the Muslims made me want to bury my head in shame. How the heck can people be so pissed off about a party cancellation and turn a blind eye to the pain and sufferings of not just Palestinians, but Muslims everywhere! Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, each of these places, a child is losing a limb any minute! Where is the humanity? Where is the compassion? Where is the empathy gone? How can we be so selfish and be ANGRY at the cancellation of just A FRIKKIN' NEW YEAR?!?1 And what is so happy about this New Year? The killing? The inreased bloodshed? Loss of more and more human lives by even severe methods? I think not.
It is our duties as Muslims to do whatever we can to support Palestine and end the inhumane attacks of the Israelis. Here we are, eating, sleeping, liviing in peace while elsewhere, people don't even have a mattress of basic survival commodities. I want to stop this bloodshed. May Allah incur His wrath upon the Israelis, or atleast guide them. May He send His Mercy and Help to our Muslim brothers and sisters everywhere. May Allah make us better Muslims and stronger persons so that we may help and make a difference in this world. May there be world peace starting this new year, Ya Allah, help us.


Tears Of God said...

I hope this year will be the year of peace for all us..and happy new year to you..pray

Meena said...

Very well said sister! There was nothing joyous about this New Year.
Besides, this is really the "Christian" New year, not MUslim. So it does't really even matter to me.

uglyduckling said...

Ameen. :(

Poisoned Apple said...

Tears- Ameen
Meena- Yeah
Ugly- Ameen too =D

secret.whispers said...

the only way we can help those poor people is if we get off our asses and DO something.
i think its much more shameful that all we can do is cancel a celebration to show solidarity.

there is absolutely no point on cancelling a celebration, if the bloodshed will be going on regardless. it is extremely doubtful that the israelis will be bowled over by SUCH a big show of solidarity and STOP the killing.

Poisoned Apple said...

Well, talking on a country-level, yes we are doing something. Even personally, many of us are trying to do as much as we can.
Cancelling celebrations is a mark of respect for those in mourning and for those who have lost their loved ones. Would you go about and celebrate a wedding when one or many among you have died? You wouldn't. Same way, we are cancelling celebrations as a mark of respect.

secret.whispers said...

i would stop the wedding coz there is nothing else i can do for the dead.
but cancelling celebrations for people who are ABOUT to be killed is pointless.
just coz v dont break out the party hats doesnt mean that killing will stop

Poisoned Apple said...

I'm sorry but you're just being stupid. How hard is this for you to understand?
It's just a sign of mourning for the thousands being killed in war by Israel, simple as that.