July 26, 2008

PuglyDuckling Got Me Addicted To Naruto Quotes:

Zaku: Hehe. You can leave if you want. Fatty...Chouji: What did he say? I couldn't hear him...Shikamaru: That word is a taboo for Chouji. Say it twice and...Zaku: If you want to, you can run away... You fatass!!Chouji: I'M NOT A FATASS! I'M JUST CHUBBY DAMN IT!-Chapter 55


July 22, 2008

Hijab Support

Hey all! I've been wanting to write about this topic for a while now, but procrastination got the best of me. Anyway, I kind of wanted to let all the mothers out there know a few things about their daughters who have started Hijab, like our feelings and emotions. See when we start the Hijab, it's a big step for us that we've taken in our life. A lot of things change, that although may seem insignificant to you, matter to us. Teenage years for most is all about fashion, social image, friends, social circle, peer-pressure, etc. When we start the Hijab, we have overcome all of these things and taken the decision. It's a hard one, seeing the world out there can be quite nasty and peer pressure is difficult to deal with. Teenagers want to be fashionable too, within the Islamic hudood, ofcourse, when they become Motahajjebas. So my request to all mothers out there, is to support your daughters in the practical sense, when they beome Hijabis. For example, when they ask you to buy them different scarves, full-sleeves new clothes, pins and undercaps for the hijab, etc, please do it as soon as possible. Don't dishearten them. When you go out, buy them new, different coloured hijabs or undercaps and pins, clips, etc. Encourage them, and don't just say that you support their decision, but show that you do with your actions. Spending a few bucks on them will earn you and them a lot of Thewab in the Hereafter.

July 2, 2008


This site is so cool it deserves its own blog entry =D
Mere andar ka Pakistani jaag utha, not that it was ever asleep anyway =D


Check it out guys..it's brilliant..