February 11, 2009

This poem means so much to me..

I didn't write this..you might find out who did, but..this is the best gift that person could give me..thank you so much =)..it's just perfect. If only you knew how much you make me happy .. =)

How I wish the storm would settle
And the ship would return
How I wish the wind would blow gently
And take the rain clouds away
How I wish the flowers would blossom
And contrast the thin grass blades
How I wish the moon would shine more
And the tides rock the dreamers
How I wish for a new dawn
And the sun would set peacefully
How I wish things were different
Just for you
How I wish I could make you smile
From your heart
And how I wish I could add colour to your life
Like you do to mine
Oh how I wish..

Shielding Tomorrow

Shielding Tomorrow

Feed my oblivious mind with lies of tomorrow,
Rif my anticipation of further sorrows.
Try as you may but you fail again;
You cannot make me see the beauty of tomorrow.

You observe the sky,
The moon and stars in all their glory.
Your hear the crashing waves on the shore,
The feeling of wet sand so cold.

I see no moon, I see no stars
Only the sheer brilliance of my loving heart.
No crashing waves, no thunder skies
Only the stormy depths of my silent cries.

Life's happier side is filled with lies,
For every day ends with night.
Each blossoming flower falls from grace,
Come autumn there lingers a ghostly haze.

So fill not my mind with lies of tomorrow,
Rid not my anticipation of future sorrows.
In pain I prepare myself,
To shield the ambush of tomorrow.

2.25 am.

Lifeless Existence

Lifeless Existence

A thousand years in the continuity of life,
A thousand summers bloomed.
Dewy freshness and dancing peacocks,
Crumpled autumn leaves.

And so a lifetime be gone
Except here I stand questioning the Heavens above;
"Hallowed be Thy Name
Why this lifeless existence?"

"Why teacheth Thou this heart to beat?
Why teacheth Thou this heart to bleed?
Why giveth Thou this soul to be?
Why giveth Thou this mortal heed?"

Shooting meteors and turning fates,
Buried morals and broken spirits,
All but one remains firmly unshaken;
Questions of a lifeless existence.

2:00 a.m.

February 7, 2009

The Elucidations Of A Saint

The Elucidations Of A Saint

I see it, I see the pain behind her topaz eyes.
Marked by a chasm in destiny, one life never expected.
I see it, I see the abysmal despair.
And if it bore some fruit to barter hearts, I would do it, I would do it all for you. Alas! We're two broken souls in one body. Two broken souls with two broken hearts.
I see it, I see through your mask;
The broken bits of that loving heart.
Where does it come from? The strength to move along?
To pretend nothing ever went wrong?
I know you're hurting. I see those tears.
I see the shadows of your broken past.
You give, and you give more.
Neglecting your pining heart.
And I stand at a distance, and glance.
I stare, wishing to fill your world with love.
Wishing to give you happiness so vast,
That no starry night, no moon, no sun, no falling star could compare it's brilliance.
No star could fathom its depth.
No weight could measure its purity.
I wish to give it all to you,
Alas! It happens not.
Blood binds us, and yet you push me away.
Out of your world, out of your life.
Why the fear to let go?
Why the desire to take it all in?
Why the choice to suffer for those who let your soul burn and fall to ashes?
You walk away, leaving me but one answer:
The elucidations of a saint.

3:03 am
7th February, 2009