May 4, 2008

Tears of Nostalgia..

This is the poem that I have been searching for for ages! It's the one I wrote for my sister on her wedding. I made her cry XD! I ish EVIL!

Tears of Nostalgia

Cold and desolate,
Escaping wild from a field of
Olives green and wild cats and fiery flames;
Falling in a vast and endless pit.

Hymns and songs
Praising the Lord;
Dances and tambourines,
All cheering morbid glee.

And my lady walks,
Gracefully ascending a ladder of emotions.
Excitement mounting among the guests;
The battle is about to begin.

Spears and armour,
Set and arranged.
I pass my lady, and my rival,
Stands mocking before me.

About to take place this day,
Is a battle of love.
Pointless as it surely is.
For the result will be opposing me.

In a matter of moments,
He'll be the winner.
And standing in the shadows of the cheering crowd,
Will be a desolate emotion; shedding silent tears.

Tears of nostalgia,
Fall from my eyes.
Memories of the past fade not.
Imprinted on a longing heart,
They are etched deep inside my soul.

26/12/07- Wednesday.
Unedited version.
15 years, 4 months, 10 days.
For bajjo.

May 2, 2008

Hilarious Quiz..just hilarious..How Pakistani are you?

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