April 10, 2010

Because I'm Just A Geek Aiming For A Revolution...

...and you're just a cynic, anticipating my failure.

April 4, 2010

-Insert passionate Urdu rant here-

So I read about the Shazia Masih case.

I was disgusted to the point where I lost any left-over respect for the judicial system in Pakistan.
Matlab nai seriously, WTF?

Upon speaking to a friend last night, he reckons that this is what happens when Government and the judicial system is one and the same.
I couldn't agree more.
Pakistan's problems are so deep-rooted and interconnected that you get caught up trying to solve them.

Agar lawyers ka hee yeh haal hai, toh phir Allah hee hafiz hai Pakistan hai. No wonder Dr. Israr Ahmed predicted Pakistan won't be on the map during the final years.

By reading Masih's case, I wonder, what are lawyers even fighting for? What is their passion? What is their cause? Lawyers kia sirf bhangra daalne ke liye zinda hain? Unka sirf ik hee kaam hai.
I do agree, keh the judicial system SEEMS to be doing better by opening up Zardari's cases with Musharraf in line, however, when such cases where the very authorities regulating the judicial system violate their own laws, how are we to have any faith on the JUSTICE system? It just makes me think, wait, what's the point in fighting for the case? Bribery will solve everything and if someone revolts, supari deke marwa deinge.

Yeh kahan ka insaaf hai?
Agar yahi halaat chalte rahe, yahi chote chote masaael Pakistan ko le ke doub mareinge.
Kia faida keh oopar se aap bohot dikhaein ji keh haan barhe cases khul rahe hain magar andar se he fraud ho?
At the end of the day, Zardari and his bullshit doesn't matter-- what REALLY matters, is aapki awaam ka kia haal ho raha hai. Haal se behaal hai.
BACCHON ka kia ho raha hai
since they are the future of Pakistan.
Yahan humare nojawaon ko apni atkheliyon se fursat nai hai. Dance toh kerlein, New Years ki party toh dedein.

Look, I'm not against all that, but when it goes to the point where you stop THINKING about your future, that's when it REALLY crawls underneath my skin and makes my blood boil.
What is our youth focused on? Fashion industry, music industry.
Even if we have a youth who is determined for a better Pakistan, and I do agree we have quite a lot of them, they are not the majority.

I think as a solution, we need to spread more awareness and I support the media for shedding light on such cases.

I think there needs to be more VALUE education in Pakistan, something that will spark the passion among our youth.
Efforts such as MUN conferences in Pakistan really are essential and I'm more than happy that they are on a large scale, attracting many youth from different areas of Pakistan.
In addition to that, we need to step up and quit complaining and start taking action.
Efforts such as funding TCF, Zindagi trust, that are focused on EDUCATION in Pakistan is vital towards a prosperous Pakistan.
We also need to be there in person as lawyers, teachers, lecturers, motivators, think-tanks, media persons, etc. to spread awareness and motivate people to work hard and be persistent, and to not give up on their hopes and dreams.

May Allah swt bless Pakistan and give us the strength and ability to do whatever it may be in our power to save our nation and restore it to its former glory, Ameen.