August 22, 2008

Musharraf's Impeachment and Democracy in Pakistan

Okay so I thought I'd do a bit of research before I dive into this topic, but I cannot wait anymore. I may not know alot about Pakistan's history, or even the current politics, but what I do know is that Musharraf was the one good thing that happened to Pakistan in a long, long time.
He has done a lot of Pakistan, suffice to say saved it from being erased from the world map! Musharraf had finally dragged Pakistan's economy back up and placed it on track, where it should have been. Where were Nawaz Sharif and Zardari and Bhutto when all the hard work was to be done? As soon as money started rolling in, we see Zardari and Nawaz Sharif out of nowhere, calling for Musharraf's impeachment. Where were you before when Pakistan needed help, needed support? These two politicians are vultures! They want Pakistan dead so that they can fill their pockets!
Many say Musharraf is a dictator, and there was a whole big issue on the State of Emergency that he announced. Excuse me, but are you looking at Pakistan with rosey-tinted glasses? Get a reality check! In a country where there is such a high rate of llliteracy, how can you expect democracy to prevail? The people do not know what is good for the country and for them! They are fed a little money and are easily manipulated!
They say Musharraf is a dictator. I strongly disagree with that. He is not a dictator, but a well-wisher of Pakistan. It's obvious that democracy cannot prevail in Pakistan, and so there has to be someone to rule the country. It's not called dictatorship, it's call sensibility!
I think it's a sad day in the history of Pakistan that Musharraf resigned. We finally had one good leader, who was doing something good for Pakistan. He was not a slave to America, but very diplomatic, and if he didn't do what he did, America would have killed us now. Yes, he's not supposed to give Pakistani people to America, I understand that, but he wasn't in a position to argue. America would have wiped us off by now.
In the end, I would just like to say that this is my humble opinion, which could waver over the years, but for now, these are my two cents.

*~* Edit *~* (August 22, Friday, 08)
Another thing I would like to add is that while giving his farewell speech, I loved how President Musharraf was so put-together and was the bigger man there, not taking any of the names of his opressors, nor did he criticise the media. This quite clearly shoes that he is NOT a dictator, who, had it been the case that he was, could have easily shut down all newspapers and channels running stories against him. He didn't. He even said in the end that he would like to see the media running independently. Isn't this proof enough that he isn't a dictator? Dictator would be someone like Saddam Hussein, who, if people rebelled, took them into prison and tortured them endlessly, killing them and their families, on the basis of suspect!I'm ashamed at the Pakistani avaam for not opening their eyes and realizing what they need, and letting go of this one man who actually had the ability to run Pakistan.