January 2, 2009

Four shor ji =P

AT Fairy tagged me:-

4 Places I Go to Over and Over Again

4. Deira City Centre
3. School
2. Bathroom (you really wanna know why?)
1. Grand Mart (to buy daily grocery stuff)

4 People Who Mail Me Regularly

4. Tanees
3. Rabie
2. Naina
1. Meena

4 of My Favourite Places to Eat (Apart from Home)

4. Malbari ka koi bhi cafe :P
3. Chili's
2. Shop 'n' Save cafe
1. Chicago Uno Grill

4 Places I’d Rather be Now

4. Bed
3. Turkey
2. Deira City Centre
1. Beach

4 Favourite TV Shows

4. see no. 3
3. I don't watch tv..
2. see above.
1. Friends

4 Movies I Could Watch Again and Again

4. Khuda Kai Liye <3
3. Andaaz Apna Apna
2. Rang De Basanti <3
1. Twilight <3 <3 <3

I tag:

Mubi =D


DuFFeR said...

TV Show "Friends" must be on radio :D

Abdul Sami said...

i already did mubi :D

Poisoned Apple said...

That, my dear Duffer, is a brilliant idea!
I'd be stuck to the radio like the antennas ..lame lol.

SAMI BHAI! NO =( Meri hai! =( LOL

uglyduckling said...


Poisoned Apple said...

You did?

Rabie said...

just so u know..
i am NOT doing this.

Anonymous said...

AWww thank you for including me *hug*

rabia said...

lolllll....friends isnt a tvshow rite????

secret.whispers said...

wait i mail you??

i never mail you!!

are u trying to make me feel guilty??

coz i can mail you if you want..