December 4, 2008


I attempted to do vampirish eye make-up
resulted in watery, red eyes..

I love this shirt..I wear it to bed, I wear it outside, I wear it nearly 24/7

THIS is what I was talking about Abdullah, what I wanted to show you. And Homer Bhai, this is what I was also telling you about, the accounting test paper.

Yes Business is very "borring"indeed.

Does anyone else find this hilarious? Probably not...

My parents are such sweethearts..I usually use this body spray and buy it once a month when we go grocery shopping..this month, however, I didn't need it cuz I already had the previous month's mom, without asking me, got it for me =D I found that incredibly sweet..and my dad called me from that place to ask me what I wanted, and then he got me the cherry chapstick...

Parents... *sigh* <3>

Ugly art skills..I rubbed it off once already before, hence the redness..


Mean me...
I couldn't decide which version was better
Business mock
Some guys pants I thought were really funny in the mall. When he walked, his pants moved in a different direction. Yes, you've been warned, stalkers like me take such pictures. Watch yo' back- literally! =D


Abdul Sami said...

omg for once i m glad my pants don do such motions :P

that paper thing is cool... me and aboody rock :D !!!

i do find that shampoo (assumed it was shampoo) hilarious :D


Anonymous said...

Arfu! this is such a hilarious post! LMAO!!!

you naughty girl you :P you had to win the flames test did't you :P

And Mashallah your parents are soo sweet! I think we are blessed for being one of the people who have parents like the ones we do :-)

And when you watch Twilight, PLEASE let me know wheter you liked it or not. Although I have a feeling you will LOVE it!

PS: Hot Vampire Makeup! <3

Poisoned Apple said...

That was a body spray meine mention kiya hai neeche =P

Meenuuuuuuu =D I just won the first time I took it so I took a pic ;) =P

Abdul Sami said...

yea well u did but i wasn sure k neechay ussi ki baat horehi hai :D

Anonymous said...

Ohh you have such pretty eyes, mashallah!
I always have kohl-rimmed eyes, my face looks dead without it!

ughh,I hate guys with jeans that low,it's disgusting.But love your creeper skillz, bet they didn't think they'd end up on the internet!

Your parents are such cutiezz mashallah.

Andd I cannot wait for Twilight to be releasedd!

Anonymous said...

ohh, and I love your handwriting, mashallah.It's gorgeous!

Ry said...

-so has to comment-
=3 You could stalk his pants and not 'the cullens'? -hint hint-
Aw.. I love your writing with the whole stupid vampires thing =P
Screw that. I love your handwriting in general xD
Haa. .The letter to bella is just ..XD AWESOME
And I agree. Your parents are uberly sweet.(cough-like mine?)
Your eyes are gorgeousss by the way ..
again xP

Poisoned Apple said...

Hfm- AWWW1
Thank you that's so sweet..jazakAllah..
And I wear baggy pants too, but they don't look like they've been pooped in LOL!

My handwriting, both of you, SUCKS!
Sa-weet comment ;)

Abdul Sami said...

And I wear baggy pants too, but they don't look like they've been pooped in LOL!

hahahah.. priceless... wuv u :D xxx

Poisoned Apple said...

Wuv you too =D

Ry said...

Your handwriting is awesomeee. Deal with it =)

Mubi said...

LOL,finally theres someone who shares the stalker/stare thing :D :D :D beware ppl, here we both come :p

Mubi said...

mashAllah such beautiful eyes :)

Poisoned Apple said...

HAHA! Partners in crime Mubi ;)
Aww..JazakAllah kher

A.y.l.a said...

arfa, i dont think i need to mention my obsession with twilight... my question last night should clearly be enough :P
but lol.. omg you dont know how it irritates me with guys and their jeans falling off, i am soo tempted to just pull them down, wont make much of a differnece since they are half way down already :P