December 1, 2008

Pakistan/India Relations

I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and people of over 147 nationalitie, and I'm friends with many different races; Indians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Palestinians, Iranians, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Zorostrians (Parsis), etc.
Now the reason for writing this on here is that before anyone goes all judgemental or RAWR on me, I want ya'll to know that I have NOTHING, absolutely nothing against PEOPLE of any country, it's the politicians that bug me, even Pakistani ones. So when I express my views or opinions, I request ya'll to NOT take it personally.

Now following the Mumbai attacks, I've figured out another theory:
1. America could've arranged these attacks, so that India blames Pakistan for this, and since America is supporting India, they will get a chance to attack Pakistan, as is happening in SWAT, and their mission will be accomplished. They have been looking for a chance to enter Pakistan anyway.

2. India itself could've arranged these attacks so that they get a chance to show the newly elected President Obama that this is how Muslims/Pakistanis are and so support us instead of Pakistan, and to put an end to the dam/water issue between India and Pakistan.

Now I'm not stressing too much on these things, becuase I have NO concrete proof, and so I'm not trying to prove anything.
See, none of us have solid proof about anything, because the media exaggerates and sensationalizes everything! So we can't really believe anything they say.
And also, in the end, what really matters is whoever did this is wrong. Instead of focusing on WHO did this and brewing more hate and waging another war, shouldn't we be more concerned with fighting off terrorism in an honest and sincere way, without having ulterior motives of destroying a country?
I guess world peace has no meaning anymore now does it?
It just saddens me to see that the world is coming to an end because of terrorism and greed and hatred.
But then again, it strengthens my fate because I know that each day, more and more signs of the Last Day are becoming true, and this gives me courage and strength to be a better Muslim, inshAllah, may Allah guide us all and end the sufferings of Muslims and innocent people everywhere.


Anonymous said...

i am totally over and out the analysis.
there was once a time when studying political science i was head over heels a patriot and today i just wanna .... ohh never mind.
i think i will just have to wait and have faith and pledge for a unity and eventually get disciplined..........

secret.whispers said...

im sorry to say but this is so ignorant!!

america had nothing to do with the attacks. those idiot guys were from a muslim madrassa of pakistan..i forgot the name..but rumor has it its being powered by al qaeda. dont know how true that is..

india would never do something like this because it puts a bad name on their security anyway. if india wanted obama to know how the muslim/hindu or paki/india relationships go..they wouldnt have to do something like this.

other than that..those paki guys STOLE into india. they hijacked aboat and came in through the gate of india. this was highly organized..but by someone FROM pakistan.

the hotels attacked mainly housed goraz. i highly doubt america would kill so many of their own just to teach us a lesson.

i think this was a staged attack to show obama and other goraz that this is wat you're dealing with (pakistanis) that we are all powerful etc etc..

for the first time in my life, i am ashamed to be pakistani.

Poisoned Apple said...

Seher- Unity seems like a supernatural thing now..

Secret- Okay first off, I said I'm not stressing much on these because they are my personal theories, and I have no solid evidence to base these on.
Secondly, we only have the media as our source of information. It's all secondhand info, which means we can't believe all the junk it tells us. If we did, we by now would be under the impression that all Muslims are beard-growing terrorists who beat their wives, and all Muslim women are victims of black garb.
Yes we can get an outline of what happens, but things are far from the truth. Tell me one time the news hasn't been twisted and turned?

Poisoned Apple said...

Also, wouldn't they directly hit America if they wanted to show what we're capable of?
We don't have that much power, hence we didn't..

Do you really think we would bring upon ourselves something that we cannot fight? Our economy, weapons, defence, everything is getting weaker. There is hardly any chance that Pakistan can win a war, why would we bring it upon ourselves by attacking India? 90% of the politicians are ready for Pakistan? By all means, NO!