November 29, 2008

Mumbai Attacks

My family and I have been watching every news channel available on our cable subscription post Mumbai attacks, and they seem to be blaming Pakistan for all of this.
I say no, why? Because now, I have proof. The pictures that were released of the terrorists, it showed the gunman wearing a pinkish red Pooja thread on the wrist. Pakistanis and Muslims do not wear this!
Also, it's being said that the terrorists were working in the hotel for 10 months or so, well, they bearly let Pakistanis visit, let alone work an internship in Taj Hotel, and now the Taj Hotel CEO are saying that none of the staff of Taj Hotel is involved.
Now they're saying that it's some Christian 23-year-old whose friend killed him, before these attacks.
And just now, they're reporting that passports from Mauritius are being found.

Also, it's been reported that alcohol, and meat and some other crops were bought for a certain amount of Rps. And it's been alleged that Al Qaeda is involved in training these gunmen. Well, all of us know that Al Qaeda are Islamic extremists, and they would NEVER even TOUCH alcohol, and if these gunmen were trained by them, wouldn't they be proper Islamists and not even purchase alcohol or wear the Pooja thread?
Also, names like Abu Ismail are not common in Pakistan, they're mored Indian-Muslim names. And when they show the pictures, it clearly looks like the people are of Indian descent. When a Pakistani and an Indian stand together, one can usually very clearly make out who is from where, it's only natural.
Besides, a Deccan group has taken responsibility for these attacks, yet Pakistan is being blamed.

That's the picture, but I can't find the one on the news channels, that showed the red thread clearly.

Here's a report that I just found seconds ago, and thank God someone noticed what I noticed; the red thread:-

'Deccan Mujahideen' claims responsibility

Press Trust of India
Thursday, November 27, 2008 2:59 AM (Mumbai)
Even as a little-known Deccan Mujahideen group claimed responsibility for the coordinated terror strikes in Mumbai on Wednesday night, the identity and nature of the attack has left security agencies baffled.

In the camera shots of a suspected terrorist involved in the gruesome shootout ever to be undertaken by terrorists, the AK-47 wielding youth comes across as an average youngster.

Dressed in a black half T-shirt and jeans with a blue rucksack hung over his left shoulder and red sacred thread tied on his right wrist, one might just mistake him to be just another regular college going student.

What baffles the security agencies is the sacred thread tied on his wrist which many say could be a plot to show that the attack was undertaken by probably an extreme Hindu group.

But, the claim by a terror organisation with a Muslim name has left the above theory in question, say experts.

These are just some of the contradictions that I've noticed, but I'm sure there are many more.
I just say, enough is enough, for every attack that's been taking place, why is Pakistan blamed? Maybe some Muslims did it, because let's face it, we haven't exactly been interpretting Islam right, in certain parts of the world. But it's about time that something is done about this.


Anonymous said...

Very well said!
I think some people are deliberately making this up, JUST to cause tension between India and Pakistan!
Some can't stand the fact that India and Pakistan are at a certain peace (not exactly best friends, but better than before) But ego and prejudice takes over morals and causes destruction.
I hope India will stop blaming Pakistan and look into who REALLY did this barbaric act and arrest THEM instead of just making useless blames!
(I have a strong feeling that Pakistan is just being used as a scapegoat right now, and this is not right!)

Anonymous said...

I agree with what yoou've written.
They are so quick to point the finger as muslims.
I pray for peace and unity between the muslims at this difficult time.

Poisoned Apple said...

Meena - right on sista! They are just screwing up the fact that India and Pakistan were at peace. You totally stole the words right outta my mouth. Very well said indeed, too =)

Hfm- Ameen yaar..Ameen

Anonymous said...

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