December 15, 2008

George W. Bush Gets A Goodbye Kiss

So, I'm sure all of you have already heard the (wonderfully) much-repeated news about a Shi'a Iraqi journalist throwing both his size 10 shoes on Bush. He ducked in time and the second one hit the American flag.
Now it is what it is, unethical. Journalist shouldn't have done that, but you know what? I can't help but thinking, George W. Bush earned it. That's right folks, he earned himself that. And mad props to the journalist who threw the shoes at him! I applaud your courage. George W. Bush, after the countless atrocities, rape, murder, torture, stealth implemented on the Iraqis, deserved this. I mean, sure, you rid them of Saddam Hussein, of which, BTW, you had no right, but it wsa about time you got out. You wanted good for the Iraqis? You banned Saddam from his own land, thank you very much, but they should've left soon after. No they didn't, and continued the genocide of the Iraqis. So, he got what he deserved.
I was watching CNN today, and they said that Shi'as were the ones that benefitted the most when Saddam left. True maybe, but this journalist was a Shi'a, which goes to show that religion is not much cared about, it's your very presence of destroying an entire generation and country that bothered Iraqis.
I say, let's hang George W. Bush. If I was old enough, I would definetly, if Allah wulled, filed a case against him. But I say, before he dies, someone step up and execute him. He's responsible for the bloodshed in Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, at the very least.
I hope we're not forgetting Guantanamo Bay and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui here.


Anonymous said...

ohhh yea. i missed it WHEN it happened.. but was sure to catch up on it fast.
these acts dont happen everyday.
and i m glad it happened.
though he ducked.. which kinda said it all.. he was expecting it ;)

poor guy. it is time to pay. God makes us all pay fro all wrongs!

uglyduckling said...

Al-Zaidi is awesome. :D

Anonymous said...

Dude! I salute that reporter!

Poisoned Apple said...

Seher Baji- same here lol. I didn't realise the expecting part. So true =)

Pugly- My hero <3

Meensie- DITTO!