November 7, 2010

My Brain isn't Auto-Piloted to 'Bitch' Mode

"OMG you're such a nerd!"
"But you're like such a geeky freshman! You're going to end up in the fountain!" (referring to the main fountain in our university)
"Yaar koi baat nai na, ik class skip kerne se kia hota hai?"

Well please do accept my sincere apologies that I'm not a stinkin' rich daddy's little girl who has to make the tough, tough choice between deciding whether a Ferari is more suitable to sustain my elite clubbing or an less ostentatious audi.

It is exactly these kinds of comments that make me, the most benign creature you'll come across, a master of sarcasm that'll do Dr. Cox proud.
You see, my father, at 58 years of age, works hard to send me off into the best college in the Emirates, not for anything else, but to get an excellent degree so I can be successful in life and stand on my own two feet. I'm not about to mess this up. I'm not about to let my social image get the best of my dreams!

I have an aim here, a goal in mind. And I'm not about to blur that line between fun and flunk, just so I can please you, who, quite frankly, does not give a flying fornication about what happens to me, my grades or my life.

Lastly, just because I'm nice to people and my bitch-mode is not on auto does not make me gullible or naive. Yeah it might not work anymore in this world, but I'm not going to stop being nice to people just because the society thinks it's cooler to walk around like you own the planet.

OKIEZ? Okie.

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