September 29, 2010

My First Uni Assignment

We were supposed to write about ourselves.
I felt so self-obsessed dedicating two entire A3 sheets to myself :/
It was rather embarassing. But anyway, here's the final result.

What do you think?

Das Ist Mir

It’s hard to describe yourself, particularly so in a social context because we, as humans, are constantly evolving and being changed by our own experiences. I guess it’s better, and certainly more accurate to be able to describe ourselves by means of quotes- or sayings, if you will- because they reflect our values, thoughts and opinions, therefore summing up our personalities coherently and profoundly. But before I get to that bit, here are some basics about me:

•My name is Arfa, however the cyberspace knows me as BoogieMonsterMan (don’t even Add Imageask!)

•Came into this world on 16th August, 1992, in Dubai, as a Pakistani Muslim.

•I have a wonderful family who are the number one people on my list. They have always been open-minded and accepting of my crazy, evolving self.

•I have an 8 month old niece who I love to bits, and would do anything for.

•I have a strange fascination for Turkey and South Korea. Probably because of the dominant and progressing entertainment industry in the latter.

•I’m an avid blogger and social-networking geek.

•Love travelling and learning about new cultures but I’ve never been able to do so.

Here are a few quotes that I find hold true for me:

"The trouble with her is that she lacks the power of conversation but not the power of speech.”
-- George Bernard Shaw

“"Don’t accept a life of mediocrity when you hold such infinite potential within the fortress of your mind. Dare to tap into your greatness. It's your birthright."
--Robin Sharma”

"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas." George Bernard Shaw

“People may hate you, but they don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.” – Richard Nixon

Goals in life:

• To be a successful human rights/constitutional lawyer, a recognized journalist and an excellent Faqih (a person trained in Islamic Jurisprudence).

• To be able to speak Arabic, Turkish, French and Farsi fluently.

Socio-political/religious issues demanding debates and discussions are my calling therefore don’t be surprised to find my ‘expert’ opinion plastered on the internet and newspapers. I’m a dupe for intellectually stimulating conversations and modern-day literary works. People fascinate me, therefore I enjoy reading up on sociology, anthropology, psychology—basically subjects that deal with the study of human beings. In short, I love learning, seeking knowledge and education. It’s a life-long journey that never ends.

I can imitate accents really well, if I’m not shy that is. And usually, I’m shy around people I don’t know. I write poetry and occasionally prose. I love observing people and the way they think and do things.

To conclude, this is how I describe myself on the cyberspace:

Arfa Shahid aka BoogieMonsterMan is a Dubai-born, slightly obsessive, toe-tapping, beat-box attempting, air-punching patriotic, Urban Dictionary defined hipster dressed in all black behind you in public places, who’s probably having religious, humanitarian or political debates with the voices in her head…no?

..And here are a few things I’ve said in the past:

“Since when did the passion for education become iconic of geeks/nerds? People in impoverished areas dream of having the same right to education that we enjoy so freely (and carelessly). And I honestly don't think I'd see those people dressed in thick round glasses with pants above their waist hugging onto their textbooks.”
“I've found that when you undermine someone's capabilities, everything they do seems downright pathetic. But when you give them a chance and fully appreciate whatever little skills they do have, their beauty, profound, emerges from deep within; powerful, even revolutionary.”

“You know, I have no idea why we're always the first ones to jump on the bandwagon & judge everyone. I don't remember God personally designating us as His chosen ones to do His job for us. There's a reason He's All-Powerful-- He's everywhere! He's knows everything. Chill. He's got this. Save the effort, and invest your energies in morality and good will.”


secret.whispers said...

you got your date of birth wrong?
you realize that Richard Nixon was the instigator of the Watergate scandal? quotes from him, don't really amount to they?

BoogieMonsterMan said...

mashAllah -.-
typo error

Tumhein har cheez mein bas arghange nikaalne hote hain. Give you a reason to argue, bas!
So irrirating. Irks me to no extent.

secret.whispers said...

Not my fault when you get things like your birth date wrong.
And quote Richard Nixon(!!)

BoogieMonsterMan said...


There's NOTHING wrong in quoting Nixon okay?

And I told you it was a typo :P (A)

Alice.. said...

Hey, I enjoyed reading it..

But u gotta be careful about posting them before submitting them to the profs..

It's a long thing to explain.. but u gotta be careful! Or they won't accept it!

Anyway, hope u get an A :)

BoogieMonsterMan said...

Hey Alice thanks for reading!
O yeah I know what you mean-- was a little wary about it but I took the risk anyway .. hopefully all shall work out!

And i hope you get an A too sweetie!

BoogieMonsterMan said...

Would love to read yours too btw, post it up if you want after submission

secret.whispers said...

they think you would plagiarize your own life story? lolz.
from now on, i will wish you a happy budday on the 18th instead of the 16th..clearly i've been doing something wrong :P

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Loved reading this!
This may be weird to say, but I think you're my cyber twin!
I am so bewildered right now, I can hardly type!
But yeeeeeeee, will be back to your blog FO SHIZZLE.

BoogieMonsterMan said...

Hahahahah :D I'm SO glad Urooba :D <3