September 18, 2010

10 Reasons To Wear An Abaya

1. Instant glamour: Who says you need a little black dress for a cocktail party? Long black dresses are the new in thing, baby! Add some rhinestone-studded earrings, a statement ring, and high heels. Finish off with smokey eyes and nude lips and work the runway a la Marc Jacobs!

2. No more fat days: Feeling blue? Those extra pounds of comfort food settled on the most unflattering angles? No worries! An abaya will hide all those unsightly love-handles, and the long, flowing material will add to your height. Slim and tall, hello supermodel!

3. Ultimate rush-hour outift: Never be late for your office again! Want to make a pit-stop at the supermarket or late for a quick salon appointment? Button up, add a hip scarf and you're ready to go!

4. Camouflage like a chameleon: Imagine having a dress that you could wear on every occasion, and still manage to look completely different every time, ON TIME! Hanging out with friends? Add a fresh, bright, hip scarf. Going shopping? Go back to basics in black or add a neutral tone. Feeling bold? Add a scarf and some bright bold bangles. The possibilites are endless!

5. Ninja: Add a face-veil and the Ninja-like appearance gives you instant cookie-points. I mean, c'mon! Do I really need to elaborate on the inexplicable coolness of Ninjas? They win, every time, hands down, in an epic battle with the enemies!

6. Superwoman: Batman has his black cape, Superman has is red cape, Catwoman has her bodysuit. You have your Abaya. Customized, based on your preference. You have never appeared this amazing to your child or sibling. EVER.

7. Instant cool: Dubai's humidity suffocating you? With the loose flowy material of the Abaya, you're allowing more air to flow in and thus maintain a cooler body temperature. Built in AC? I think so!

8. Paparazzi-alert: Seen someone you run a mile away from? Need cover? Add a scarf, large sunglasses and no one will recognise you. Looking like a celebrity is an added bonus!

9. Money-saver: Don't fall trap to marketing gimmicks! Wearing an Abaya will ensure that you won't need to blow big bucks on buying clothes every month, and still make you look chic!

10. Happy hubby: Imagine the look on your husband's face when he finds out his time and money has been saved from those God-awful long hours at the shopping mall?! Priceless!

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