February 11, 2010

Aal Iz Naat Vell

I strongly disagree with the idea of conducting formal examinations to test students' proficiency in a particular field. I think it is rather unnecessary.

I believe that it's laughable when people try to pass exams just to get the marks, myself included. We're all chasing after a false reality because in the end, our knowledge is what is really put to test in the real world, not our marks.

This is not my conclusion after watching 3 idiots, because TBH, I was thinking about this for quite some time now, after my move to Cambridge, to be precise. 3 Idiots just happened to further reinforce these thoughts in my head.

I believe the whole education system is deeply flawed. I mean c'mon! Look at it!
Every single thing that i've learnt so far from grade 1 uptill now, overlooking, let's say grade 9? I've forgotten all of it! I can't even answer basic scientific/geography questions unless I've recently read about them on my own. That's because we've always been taught to get the highest marks in school and be ahead of everyone else in the race, whilst turning a blind eye to what really matters: KNOWLEDGE!

I mean what's the point of learning everything, solving a paper, taking a huge sigh of relief after you've passed and then forgetting every single thing that you've learnt, the next academic year? I frankly don't remember a thing that was taught to me.

I believe the American education system is still somewhat better than the British curriculam that I study in. That's because it's visual/practical learning applicable practically, and not just limited to theoretical "knowledge". Theory-oriented curriculams have a lot of implications; maybe some people can't seem to write that much in a limited amount of time. For some, there is the language barrier. Some people can't explain themselves through the right choice of words. There are many problems that hinder you from getting the marks that you're capable of.
What really matters, or rather SHOULD matter, is that we remember this knowledge later on and are able to put it to practical use.

Knowledge should be such that it hones our capabilities and makes us much more intelligent. Everyone is capable of achieving brilliance in whatever they are capable of.

However, the sad reality is, the whole world relies on the grading system, overlooking practical intelligence. Infact, we've all become victims to the modern civil education system. Schools are breeding brainwashed robots that have no idea how to apply their knowledge in the real world, myself included.
And I feel ridiculous about it. It's easy to show in the movies how, without studying, you still rank highest in university. Dear reader! That's not how it works in the real world. Atleast that's not how I've witnessed it work in this world ever in my 17 years of existence.
In this world, you get turned down for jobs even when you've had a consistent 4.0 GPA from a renowned university in USA.
In the real world, babies that are still-born don't come alive when you say "aal iz vell".
It's just now how it happens.

What we need is a revolution-- someone to change the whole education system, the whole concept of success, the whole concept of knowledge and brilliance.
Knowledge does not equate to straight As.
Success does not equate to a Harvard education, a Ferrari and a private jet parked on a priceless property in some exotic location.
Brilliance is again, not scoring As consistently throughout your education.

Those are not the definitions in my world, but sadly, they are in the real world.

The real question is- HOW?
How do we bring about a revolution in this deeply flawed education system?
There goes...some food for thought ladies and gentlemen!


brok3n said...

exams are flawed..-shrug-

s3ayA said...

I completely agree wid u, bt da problem z nt da system, its da people in it...

n as far as da revolution thing goes, wat i'v learned is dis, "DREAM ON, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN" n dis z from personal experiences...

nicely written though...

uglyduckling91 said...

What change would you want to see?

secret.whispers said...

education system in the USA is not that great either. let me tell you. i learned way more in the eight years i was at ems than i learned in the four years i've studied here.
i have exams too, and it's the same basic idea..
education systems everywhere are pretty much the same..

Anonymous said...

S3aya-- Maybe it can be changed, judging from how fast our generation is improving and developing things. Hopefully one of us will bring about this change. It's difficult, but not impossible :] InshAllah!

@Ugly-- Practical, visual learning. Education that teaches us skills and hones our abilities, not just rattu-totay ki tarah parhai xD

@Secret-- I know it's not that great and udhar be grading hoti hai, but from what Richa was telling me, it's much better, for e.g. Chem right? They won't just tell you the formulae and experiments to learn-- they would actually conduct experiments.
And then I had a teacher form USA teach Literature for a few weeks, and he'd always teach us, give us b/g info and stuff but not give us theories to learn..it always stayed in our heads a lot more..there were discussions in literature, broader perspectives of literary pieces, increasing of literary knowledge, etc.

Anonymous said...

But yes, I do believe that the education system is flawed literally everywhere

uglyduckling91 said...

Main sirf intelligent sound karnay ki koshish kar raha tha. ^^

Anonymous said...

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SoggyCereal said...

I totally agree on this one boogie.

Students don't study some of their subjects with passion. The only time they study is for the sake of studying for an exam.

In this way, it really isnt sticking anywhere. and would probably be forgotten ina matter of weeks.

ah oh well.. i do the same thing lmfao

X2Y said...
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Anonymous said...

I feel ya Soggy...
I do the same..

Sounds so cute ^___^

Soggy aur Boogie, doh bhai xD
Go figure.

Zulqarnain Majid said...

British education system is like, 1000000 times better than the American system.

I also support the exams. That's the only way something gets imprinted in your heart.

Even the Prophet (may Peace be upon him) was tested every year by Gabriel (AS) in the month of Ramadan. The Prophet PBUH used to recite whatever of the Quran he knew behind Gabriel AS.


Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree :]

You really shouldn't stalk me Zulqarnain Irfan Majid.

Anonymous said...

Also, really now? Awesome.com

Wah! How mature :P