February 9, 2010

5 Most Annoying Questions People Ask You

1. OMG! Tum itni moti kaise hogaeeeein?!

A giant balloon tore through my throat and settled itself in my belly ._.
I mean SERIOUSLY! WTF IS UP WITH THAT?! What do you mean HOW?! Either, I have a hormonal disbalance, or I stuffed my face! HOW ELSE DO YOU THINK I BALLOONED UP YOU FAGGOT?! More importantly, why do YOU care if mein moti hogai! You don't just go up to people and say that, that's just moronic and unethical! Oh the sheer stupidity of human kind is going to make me old before age *sits with hand on heart, stooping stature*

2. Alllaaaaaaah! Itni barhi kaisi hogaein tum?!

*pulls hair out* My mommy grabbed me from one end, my dad from another and pulled me together. Or maaybe, JUST MAYBE, a bug crawled its way into my biological system and SCREWED IT ALL UP!

3. Are you okay?

My friends are backstabbing me, my parents practically disowned me, my dog died, why yes, I'm perfectly fine thank you :]


4. Are you hurt?

Now why would you be moronic enough to think I'd be hurt if I just fell on the middle of the freakin' road on broken glass?!?!

5. -"Yaar, I'm really thirsty."
-"Do you want some water?"

No, I want to chug down a bottle of acid


I mean really now!


Rabie said...

aati kya khandala?

s3ayA said...

dese really are annoying questions..

Dee.Dee said...

ROFL, can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that to my list of stupid questions xD

Naaaah I'm kiddin' it's kinda hilarious sometimes :P

Thx ya'll

Americanising Desi said...

i can soooooooooooooooo relate!

Rabie said...

are you kidding?!
it's always funny!

**MaV said...

I bet that was a Vent Out. >.>
Um, eh dont kill me :P

Anonymous said...

Actually Mav it wasn't a vent out :P

Richa said...

I Lawl'd.

A.y.l.a said...

arfaaa!! LOL! Seriously, this was hilarious, specially the first two questions, i went back home after 2 years and i was bombed with these 2 questions kasam say, and i wasnt sure if they meant itni bari wala in height or width :P someone even went to the extent of saying, k did u have baking powder jo itni phool gai ho , and her own daughter weights like a 100kgs! >__<
laikin anyway, this was hilarious! :D

Anonymous said...

@Ayla-- OH YES! It's even more ridiculous when aunties jinki apni betiyaan moti houn dosroun ko bolein, it'sl ike WTF?

Meri koi cousin ki wife hain, unki ammi ki khod ki beti hogi around 135 or something...and mujhe bolri hain ITNI MOTI HOGAEIN TUM and I'm like WTF?!?!?!?!

A.y.l.a said...

kehna tha aunty,aapki beti say impress hoi hun =) :P

Anonymous said...

lol :P dil ke armaan ansoun mein badle ;]