December 4, 2009

Old IS Gold

Averting away from the gloom that's been surrounding my blog for the past few days, I've been thinking about this: Generations before us had a far better life than what we lead today.

It's true. Think about it. The simplicity with which they did things is something to be envious of. Sure, we have all the latest technology, we have everything made easier for us and dished out to us on a plate, but that's precisely why we're so lethargic, stressed out, depressed.

When I compare my father and my brother, there's quite a bit of difference b/w the way they do things and their skills.
See, my brother is in touch with the latest technology and knows the short-cuts to everything, which is useful in a way and gets things done quicker.
But my father, he'll know the functioning of the object- in- context, inside out! He'll know WHY it works that way, how it works that way, and it's pure knowledge of the subject. He'll know exactly WHAT to fix, which gets the job done more efficiently. Obviously, they're more hardworking because they didn't have all those tools as we do now in the age-of-convenience.

Convenience-- that is exactly why we look for an easy way out. Not saying it's always a bad thing, but it's made us less hard-working. Also, we're so into technology, that the more important things such as socializing has been left out. Many argue that Facebook, Twitter, Myspasce, etc. are the ultimate source of communication. But what good is this sort of communication when you don't meet with those people in person, or worse still, forget your own family/extended family because of your cyber-socialization.

Also, all this social-networking craze that's taken the world by storm, little time is left for books, recreational activities, arts & crafts, learning useful skills, etc. Everyone's Twittering away or punching holes through their cellphones!
People argue that e-books are being more efficiently used, but really now! If we're being honest, how many people actually do use them?
Moreover, sometimes, I feel, people sort of force themselves subconsciously to go online and feel it a duty to communicate with people ONLINE, even if they don't really feel like it. Contradictory as this point maybe, it still is sufficiently true and proven.

In the olden days, family-time was given much importance. Brothers and sisters used to go out and play together. Now, as soon as the child turns 7, PSP and computer games top their wish list. Individuals in the earlier times were more active, energetic and hard-working, whilst in today's world, we the younger generation are much less active, finding short-cuts and wanting to get everything done quickly, getting impatient if the computer delays the operation by just one minute.

Even now, as you compare younger generations in the technologically-advanced nations to those who're not, you'll spot the difference immediately.

Of course, technology brings about a lot of positive things too, such as increased education, new skills, global interaction and cooperation, accelerated learning, etc. A person stays up-to-date with the latest news and stays informed about the world around him. There aren't good enough excuses to be purposely ignorant. But with power comes great responsibility, and it's very, very easy to abuse power, which sadly, a lot of us are doing these days.

Earlier, healthy food was consumed but now, since the 1950s/post industrial-revolution, mass-production method has been applied to foods and we're eating artificially-grown fruits, vegetables, etc. Seasonal fruits/vegetables are now available all year round. The quality of life that today's generation enjoys is luxurious and comfortable. Which although a blessing, should stir some worry in us because increasingly, we're becoming dependent on machines to do our jobs for us.
Our thinking abilities are diminishing and this directed learning [televisions, music, computer games, etc.] are slowly making us robotic. Not to mention the countless health problems being faced; obesity, weak eye-sight, BP, diabetes, RST, back problems, posture problems, to name a few.

That's your food for thought. Happy musing! As a wise man once said:

"Baby this a new age, you like my new craze
Let's get together maybe we can start a new phase
The smokes got the club all hazy, spotlights don't do you justice baby
Why don't you come over here, you got me saying

I'm tired of using technology."

[No seriously, man! There's depth in these words!]


secret.whispers said...

isn't that the 50 cent/justin timberlake song??
also..i know a bunch of people who use e books. myself included. so there! :P

Anonymous said...

I thought it was obvious, but clearly not.

secret.whispers said...

dude it was a while ago. i don't remember the lyrics as clearly as you obviously do..