December 1, 2009


It's easy to give in to it-- isn't it?
The fall from grace. It's so, so easy. Just a matter of seconds. A few moments and it's all gone-- all that you've been working for, aiming for. Hoping to build up so that once you've died, you're remembered with a notion of longing, happiness, and favorably- wishful remorse.

Why does one go on? What is that underlying force that makes one go on, all the while crushing their soul in the process?
If the human-mind comprehends that it's experiencing pain, then why does being selfless seem like the most important thing in the world at that moment? It's not fair. Why must one kill their own self for the sake of others? To interfere with someone else's destiny for your happiness? Selfish, indeed. But isn't that how most of the world is turning out to be, now?

What makes an individual force laughter, fake smiles and continue to live each day in a trance. It's a psychedelic puppet-show. Each day, everyday. You don't even know when you're picked up and set up on the stage, forced to display an array of comical plays. Your strings are beyond control as you let the puppet-master do the talking.
What is happiness anyway? Why are we striving for happiness? What does happiness bring us? Is it anything concrete? If for some it brings them a sense of well-being and makes them want to reach out and aim for the stars, well my friend, those who want to achieve goals, achieve them anyway. They have been achieving their targets in this depressing state of mind for as long as they can remember.

Maybe, some of us are just born morose. Like an innate sense of gloom that is further honed by events around them, giving form to their perceptions.
Maybe, some of us just don't know how to be happy. Maybe, it would be easier, no, BETTER, to just give into that pit of depression lurking amidst your perky exterior, and come to terms with the fact that happiness is just not meant for everyone. That not everyone can be made happy. That it's time to realize that people should be responsible for their own life & its consequences. That by crushing your soul, you not only do that yourself but allow others to do it as well.

Maybe, some of us are just born not to have dreams. Maybe, some of us just become so numb that the simplest of daily tasks require extensive efforts.

Moral of the post? Some of us should just try to give up on the search for happiness, and focus on the goals part alone. Come to terms with the fact that life is probably never going to keep them happy, but that shouldn't keep them from achieving their goals.

That happiness and sorrow are temporary [and overrated] and keep coming your way. Just like any good thing in your life, or bad for that matter. That maybe, not everyone is destined for it after all.

Some of us should just accept the way things are and move-on. And most importantly. stop wearing a mask that deludes them to the point of insanity-- stop pretending, and let the course of time unravel their mistakes, their fears, their lessons and their events. Happiness is shared only when you hold some within yourself.
You can't possibly make someone happy when you yourself have never known the meaning of happiness-- never felt it's true essence soaking in your skin and reverberating through your soul, pulsating through your veins.

Stop trying to change fate, to fight against destiny, & let the chips fall where they may...

I'm far too sick of claiming promises of a happy future. If it's not coming from within, I refuse to force it upon myself. I'm gonna let it go...


Americanising Desi said...

if i hug you tight will i b able to suck the negatives out of you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, really :]

secret.whispers said...

you don't need a promise of happy future. you need determination to make it a happy future. destiny molds itself to the choices we make. free will exists for a reason. the idea that destiny doesn't 'allow' us to do something is stupid. destiny changes every time we make a choice.
also, happiness and sorrow may be temporary but they are far from overrated. you asked what keeps people going? the promise of happiness is what keeps them going. the hope that there IS something happy in the future keeps them going. to just give up, is stupid and petty. you can't just give up living because you can't, or haven't, found happiness yet. you have to keep looking.

Cha said...

For once, I believe that I agree with secret.whispers. At least, for the most part.

secret.whispers said...
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secret.whispers said...

for once?
as in we've disagreed before? :S