November 3, 2008

A poem for me by Rabia...

You were my silver lining
the only light to be seen for miles
my best friend
you led me out of the deary darkness
and into the comforting arms of the night
my best friend
you stood by me when clouds of gloom loomed overhead
and made the haze dissapear
my best friend
you healed the jaded scar in my heart
and sew it back to pieces
my bestfriend
you always knew when i was down
and knew how to cheer me up
my bestfriend
you mean more to me than mere words can say.

It nearly made me sweet, so honest, I have a poem written about you, it's not very often that it happens, and it did to me, and she made me feel so special..
Weird how words can affect you and change your whole perception about things and how you look at things and people..
Thank you Rabia, it's beautiful. And it means so much to me. I treasure it and keep it with all my heart, and I promise to try and be there for you whenever I can. =)


Lunatic.... said...

awwwwwwwww that's so sweet :) my best friend and I used to write poems for each other too !

Poisoned Apple said...

That's really sweet

uglyduckling said...

Aw =(

Main apnay best friends ko gay kaihta houn. :D

Poisoned Apple said...

Mein usko *****face kehti houn =D

uglyduckling said...

Gay. =P

rabia said...

u f***ing slut....i <3 u sooo much!!!