October 27, 2008

Kiran Aur George- Aaj Tv

I was watching the TV a few minutes back, and I heard this caller diss the presence of George on the show.
Let me give you a little background info before I begin this entry properly.
K&G is a Pakistani show aired on AAJ TV, hosted by a Pakistani woman, Kiran, married to a white guy, George. Together, they speak about various issues and it's quite an informative show with lovely tips and all.
Now, this caller calls in from Karachi, and disses George, saying it was like "aadha teetar aadha bater", a saying in Urdu which implies the fact that it's neither Urdu, nor English. I, and my family, found this to be very racist, and very rude, especially to a person who was working with so much dedication to adapt to a culture and speak a language that's not his own, and mind you, being bloody good at that! George is the same guy who was on George Ka Pakistan. He speaks almost flawless Urdu, and understands the cultural aspects about Pakitsan. He didn't even argue with the caller, which increased my respect for him even more. I think that the caller should open up his mind and broaden his vision and stop being a racist.
I mean, people in Pakistan are migrating to UK and US, while this guy shifts from UK to educate himself about Pakitsan, it's language, culture and history. I find that very applausible. Why diss a person? Because of his colour? Because of his ethnicity? Because of somehting he had no control over?
We say Americans/Britishers were/are racists, apne giriban mein jhanko!
I just found that very humiliating as a Pakistan to take. Pakistanis, and all others for that matter, need to broaden their visions and stop making a fuss about bloodline and race, because it's not important in this world or the Hereafter.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you here-people are so narrow minded it sickens me.
I think people take for granted of how they are adapted into their own cultures.

secret.whispers said...

yayayay..i love that guyy!
he is so adorable..

Anonymous said...

People here aren't receptive to such renowning acts by foreigners like trying to amalgamate into their culture/society. Natural of *some* Pakistanis =[

uglyduckling said...

Pakistanis hate everyone. =s

Anonymous said...

very racist!

Mubi said...

i have seen that show a couple of times...they make a great couple :D

Mubi said...

as for the racism, i think its not just us, its all over. Brits and Americans are equally racists towards blacks or asians..so you would find people who are unreasonably biased towards other races...
beaugly(abdullah) what makes you say Pakistanis hate everyone :S

Poisoned Apple said...

Yeah Mubi, I know they're racists, but I mean we can't change them. If we as a nation can be better and try to improve a quality within us, we really should, as we stand on a united front, all being Pakistani. I can't go ahead and tell Americans/Brits to change, but Pakistanis, us standing on a common ground, I can try