September 18, 2008

The Silence of a Raging Fire

The Silence of a Raging Fire

And in the fire of my presence, I see your visage.
It’s burning me; flames of remorse engulfing me.
And in the ashes of my future, I see your corpse,
Limp and frail it lies, helpless it screams with silent cries.

Are we impotent to the birth of our lives?
Is it as weak as it seems?
I reach out for you and try to quench my thirst,
Futile as it is, for barren lands don’t pacify desires.

You’re the moon in the night sky that seems just inches away,
The horizon in my landscape.
The mirage of my life;
A deception,; a lie.

We are no novice,
To life’s vehement hostility.
So then why does this turn of destiny catch me off guard?
Why does this fire burn the thoughts of our predicted fate?

And I’m falling; free-falling into nothingness;
Free-falling into everything.
Free-falling into this abyss,
Nothing to cushion the fall.

And I lie here,
Stuck in my own prison, and I can’t break free.
I lie here, intoxicated by this numbness,
As my demons encircle me.

I lie here,
Frozen in this concrete silence.
A thousand words are left unspoken,
As I seal my lips and silently wait, silently break.

Silenced by deception,
Silenced by pain.
Tears in eyes,
And the world slowly spins.

A new day,
A new world.
A new past,
A new wound.

Flames of memories burn inside,
A deafening silence overtaking me.
I watch the flames of our memories burn,
As I leave behind the ashes of our past.

Arfa Shahid Siddiqi
Completed at: 18th September, 2008,Thursday, at 1:57 am.

Been trying to write this for almost a month now..this is the longest I've taken to complete a poem...just couldn't get to the ending, was stuck at the 4th paragraph, after the first two lines.


rabia said...

this is AwEsOmE!!!<33333

uglyduckling said...

*wipes tears*
*wipes nose*

Poisoned Apple said...

Itna bora tha? =(