September 20, 2008

Islamabad Marriot Hotel Blast

Before: After:

Currently 40 people have been reported dead.
Be it Taliban, or America, both of them should burn in hell. Killing and injuring thousands of people. That too, in Ramadan. One for the sake of "battling terrorism" and one in the name of "Islam".
Ironic isn't it? Battling terrorism when you are the terrorist yourself?
No responsibility of the blast has been claimed as yet, but I strongly think this is an act of U.S.
I believe that U.S. is feeding Taliban, and the blasts are a result of that. Bush will now blame this on the Taliban and "terrorists", and then enter as a means of "defence" to Pakistan, hence taking full control of Pakistan.

I may be wrong, but be it America or Taliban (if both of them are separate, anyway!), both are nothing but bloody murders, blood-sucking leeches.
Taliban kill in the name of religion- WHAT RELIGION? Where does Islam state you have to imprision women and force them to live as slaves under men? ?!?!?1
America- How the bloody hell can you fight terrorism when you are the one spreading terror EVERYWHERE! You've meddled with nearly every country. Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Bush is the number 1 terrorist.
I'm telling you, once we eradicate Bush and Taliban and all other hardliners, we have world peace.


uglyduckling said...

People live as if they will never die and the die as if they had never lived.

Richa said...

Sweetie, chill.
The elections are coming up soon..and soon Bush'll be gone.

Poisoned Apple said...

Yeah but what about Taliban? Musharraf was eradicating them...and he's gone

rabia said...

rich is rite relax!!!im just as pissed about it as you are..ok maybe not as much as you..but im paki 2 dude
does that even make any sense??

Poisoned Apple said...

I'm not angry, I'm just hurt, and upset, and my heart goes out to them. I'm helpless, or agitated, that's more the word.

Zakee said...

Here's to hoping that the US elections don't produce another major knucklehead president.

Zakee said...

Oh and as for the Taliban or any other fictional/non-fictional terrorist organization. Their basic motivation right now would be to "get those American bastards out f our ARRRGHH MOTHERLAND!"

Ofcourse, they might not be russian...

So, umm, yeah if the next US president has the sense to withdraw the troops and let the UN take over, the terrorists have just lost their motivation, innit?

Poisoned Apple said...

It makes sense what you're saying, but the way these people are, and in a way proved to be, they would want any "gora" out of their country, be it UN or whatever. We have to stop this brain-washing, the root cause of "in-the-name-of-God" blasts.