April 22, 2008

Paramour's Symphony

Here's a little somehting that I wrote..

Paramour's Symphony

With the tears being the violin,
And heart the baton,
Together we compose
A melancholic symphony.

With out memories being the lyrics,
And your shadow the vocalist,
Together we sing
To our love's symphony.

And our decisions dance,
To the rhythm of our life.
And our hearts break,
Into shards of scattered memories.

Our dreams sung away,
Forgotten like that one low note.
And your face fades away,
Missed like that one high note.

In this ballad of love and sorrow,
We're "Lacrymosa"
Close to being sung As
"Fur Elise".

And now we conclude,
Our Symphony ends.
As the tears and the hearts separate,
The walls echo with our last words.

15 years, 8 months, 4 days.
Monday, 21st April,'08.
edit: It's not getting published in the poetry form *grumbles*

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