April 14, 2008

Hindus Burning The Holy Qur'an

I was honestly sad after I read this forwarded email This is JUST horrible. Hindus burnign the QUr'an..Why is there so much racism? So much hatred in the world? What will burning this Qur'an give to people? WHy can't people just accept each other? Love each other? Forgive? WHy isn't there empathy in this world? Why can't people feel for each other?

The reason why Muslims are being insulted and abused now in the world is because they have forgotten the real Islam and follow only what they want to follow. In simple words, no one is a true Muslim anymore, including myself. We are all sinners. Very few people know the true meaning of Islam. We are being abused because either everyone is becoming an extremist and blowing themselves up in the name of God, not getting proper knowledge of the world or religion, or everyone is too modernized to care about the morals. Islam is a perfect religion, and it preaces morality, humility, modesty, and all the other good qualities in a human being. We have left Islam and are only earnign fo rthis world, nothing for the Hereafter. No good deeds.
If we all play our parts and try and be better Muslims, we might be able to do something for the betterment of Muslims, Islam and this world.


secret.whispers said...

read comment for previous blog entry..

Zakee said...

This one looks genuine to me, Rabie.
But it also looks old.
See, there's always going to be fanatics of this kind. Whatever the religion. All this talk of "utopia" and "a perfect world" is just not realistic. There's ALWAYS going to be stuff like this. It's like a yin-yang relationship.
However, that doesn't mean that this place is going to the dogs. If only everyone were as nice as
Canayjuns...! No, really! I really think Canada is the best model for world peace there is. If the policies that Canada has, could be replicated around the world, then we're made baby (Y).
Now you may go, my child.
*crosses legs and levitates*

Now why i can't i write stuff like that in my own blog...

poisonedapple08 said...

Rabie, this one look genuine. The others, I clearly stated that I cannot say who did this or not. Oh and I must add one more thing, rather edit it. In the end, if we all play our parts and be good Muslims OR good people ...(cnt).


The cruelty of people. I seriously can’t believe people would do that. Screw the fact they’re Hindus. I mean, honestly, I couldn’t care less if they were Christians as well. But seriously, how could people actually burn something that indirectly connects people to god? Well, either way, they’ll pay for it in the future- definitely.
This is how the real world is apprantely. It’s absolutely impossible for everyone to love each other and forgive each other. If we could do that, it wouldn’t be called Earth anymore, now would it? Perhaps it’d be called an utopia or even Heaven, for that matter, if all these bad things stopped and everyone was the “perfect” image of who and what they were/are suppose to be. I disagree about one thing though.. Islam might be a perfect religion in your opinion, but for others it might not be so. They might think their religion is perfect. It’s not just that noone is a true Islam anymore. I think it’s all religions. Nobody is completely true to their religion anymore. Not in this generation at least.

secret.whispers said...

omg zakee..i actually agree with u..
but a lot of stuff on the net looks genuine.
anyway..half of the canadians r druggies anyway :D