November 27, 2011


I wrote this today. Words came to me early in the morning. Felt good to write after so long

Write me a love song,
Take me to strawberry fields.
Let's jump till we reach the sky,
Let's hang out among the stars tonight.

Blow me kisses,
Let my heart beat a little longer.
It's a race towards the sky,
Let heaven wait a little longer.

Wrap me in the palm of your hands,
I'll erase me till I fit.
Strawberry fields calling out to us,
Let's hang out among the clouds tonight.

Stars dancing in your eyes,
Innocent dreams set in mine.
Let's take a walk among the planets tonight,
Let's do a waltz; their orbit, our floor.

Let's take a walk to the cosmos tonight,
Constellations shining bright.
Let the galaxy be our witness, the meteors our celebrations.
Tonight, let's enter in union.


Amna Siddiqui said...

Wrap me in the palm of your hands,
I'll erase me till I fit.


BoogieMonsterMan said...

Thank you Amna :) <3

Richa said...

Second time I've read this- I love this.. It's like I feel all warm and gushy reading it..Almost as if to enter oblivion O_O..
Awesome descriptive poem :)
I hope you find someone who can indulge you in all those things!