June 11, 2011

Lessons Learned This Semester

I had my last exam today. Actually, it was a make-up exam because I had three exams on one day and so the exam that was common would be postponed. Now I was doing ace in my stats course. I could have easily gotten an A-, or so says the Professor. But because of this exam, my grade went down to a B-. And NOW, I find out that make-up exams are supposedly always harder than the regular exams.

Seriously. Everyone was like the stats exam was so easy, blah di dah. My paper was utter grade-rape. I could've gotten an A- and my GPA would be so much better. But man oh man. I ddn't. If only I could've given the normal exam ... *sigh*

I feel so bad. There was a chance I could've gotten an A, and I wasn't able to. Meh. I guess there's no point mulling over it now. You win some, you lose some. So maybe my GPA wasn't ace this semester. But I've learned from this semester, like I did from the last, and I will make sure that I don't repeat these same mistakes again.

Lessons learned this semester:

  1. Make up exams are a total no no
  2. Not more than 3 courses on one day to avoid taking make-up exams.
  3. Work smart in exams- write down whatever you know about an exam, even if there's no time. NEVER leave anything blank
  4. Work hard consistently.
  5. Revise every single day whatever you learn, don't leave it for one day.
  6. Never skip classes.
  7. Have the confidence to drop a course if you feel the Professor isn't right
  8. Draft essays and outlines are a grade's best friend. Leave ample time to make drafts and get feedback on each version before submitting final version.
  9. Professors matter a lot. But at the same time, don't choose them at the risk of burdening yourself with courses all on one day
  10. Make sure to do the readings for every class to stay up-to-date.

That's all that I remember off the top of my head. I shall add more once I remember.

SUMMER HOLZ ARE HERE! Atleast for a week :P

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