February 12, 2011

Operation: Dislodge Waistline

I realized I needed a project in my life. Something I can actively contribute to with discipline but still have fun. Something I can be persistent about. Something that would igniiiiiiiiite the liiiiiiiiiiiight and leeeeeeet it shiiiiiiiine. Something that would rekindle my passion for life.

Then I watched Julie and Julia. Needless to say, it inspired me. (Ofcourse, it reminded me of my days as a passionate blogger :) )
I decided to embark on a similar project.

But wait! Which one? Being in the round-is-a-shape category of the human race, a cook-and-nom project would effectively contribute to my ever-expanding waistline, which given my mother's anxiety levels about my big-fat(literally!)-desi-wedding, was not such an appealing idea after all. Plus, on my university-student-no-job-huge-family-more-birthdays budget, the idea flat out laughed me in the face!

And then it dawned upon me- what is it I realllllllly want? (Not Chicago Uno Grill's rattlesnake pasta, we're talking long-term!) I want to be skinny. And most of all, to quit being the deer caught in headlights among desi-aunty-gossip circles!

And that, dear bloggers, gave rise to *DRUMROLL*

OPERATION: Dislodge Waistline

Stay tuned :)


Aayushi Mehta said...

Heh.This sounds like fun! Bring it on!

BoogieMonsterMan said...

TY ^_^ <3 Stay tuned!

Roshni said...

Im gonna' be watching out for pointers :p

BoogieMonsterMan said...

haha :D