December 25, 2010

*Insert Misleading Title*

I remember back in elementary school, we got aked to fill out these little quizzes and they'd ask us about our role models. Or in slam books, where bright-coloured glitter pens would speak volumes about who we were at that time, depending on who we jotted down as our role model.

I could never come up with a name.

I've never had a role model, or a person I'd look up to. I think this is probably because I've always wanted to be my own person, uninfluenced by others. Copying others has always been a pet-peeve of mine, and I believe my childhood was no different. It irked me to the end of my wits if one of my siblings jokingly told me I only did a particular thing to be like said person.I remember how fiercely I'd argue to get my point across. Ofcourse, my pitch directly proportional to my level of frustration at not being heard.

I guess this speaks about the nature of man, about how imperfect man is. We all have certain qualities, certain talents, some God-gifted skill if you will at which we're ace. But there's always something we lack. For example, great artistic sense but a serious lack of social skills. I probably realized way early as a kid that it's better to be your own person than look up to someone because they weren't perfect, and if they weren't perfect, well then there's no point in making them an ideal, an idol.

I don't think I was or am narcissistic, I mean God alone knows how wonderful it would to be to have just a dash of narcissism in me. I mean, there were things I admired about people, like a particular talent or skill, and it inspired me and made me want to take the initiative and achieve great things like them, but I never wanted to be them or be like them. Sure, having talents like them would be great, but not the whole deal.

So anyway, that was a little something dug up from my past. How about you? Ever had a role model? What's your take on the whole idol/ideal thing?


secret.whispers said...

seriously? when was this? i don't remember writing about any role models.. and as far as i know we went to the same elementary school....:P

BoogieMonsterMan said...

We were in different sections :P

secret.whispers said...

we were not. are you high? we were both in B.

BoogieMonsterMan said...

We got changed, remember? Anyhow, I remember writing about it in a grammar/comprehension exercise book.

secret.whispers said...

oh riiiight 4th grade..i forgot that was elementary too