July 11, 2010

Pop, Pop, Pop Goes the World!

You know how after marriage, us desi girls turn into these old women, gossiping over tea and perfecting the art of making biryani?

Well, I refuse to give into societal norms. I’ll be the girl in shalwar kameez or baggy jeans wearing my newly-bought converse and singing out loud to Paramore, all the while drinking RedBull and eating gummy worms, stealing my kids’ candy when they’re not looking, and hiding their playstation so that me and my husband can play it at night. And we’ll take summer vacations to the Harry Potter theme park, scaring people and riding on rollercoasters.

Because life is too short to live it for someone else, and I’m going to live it my way— exactly my way, just how I like it


Richa said...

I like your plans. They're beginning to inspire me. ;)

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