June 3, 2010

Rip Your Bigot Roots Up from the Earth & Salt the Goddamned Ground

I'm disgusted.
That's all I have to say. Absolutely disgusted by the hypocrisy that the 'Islamic' Republic of Pakistan is filled with.
The whole Ahmadi fiasco has left me just a little bit more disgusted than I already was with the state of affairs in Pakistan. It is acts like these that makes the Pakistani government for me, repugnant.
The reason why I do not want to study about Pakistani politics because it is SO dirty and openly hypocritical.

All I have to say is this: WHERE is Islam when alcohol and drugs are openly distributed in full knowledge of the authorities. WHERE is Islam when the police officers and top-level political figures, judges and jury take bribe?
WHERE is Islam when rape, corruption, stealth, robbery, murder, adultery and fornication take place in the state?

Why then are there laws against Ahmadis? Why are they the only effective ones? Where is your 'immediate and effective' action when the aforementioned crimes take place?
Why then, should Ahmadis be given a lower place in the society? Or their rights not be defended?

I'm not saying that I support Ahmadis. But at the same time, I'm against the hypocritical government of Pakistan. It's as simple as this: I only accept Ahmadis to be called kaffirs by the state, if the rest of the punishments for the aforementioned crimes, would be according to Shariah, too. There is no effective nifaz-e-Shariah, yet, Islam comes number one when Facebook-ban and Ahmadis are regarded.

PLEASE do not give Islam a hypocritical nature. This is NOT what an Islamic republic encapsulates.
I will accept the laws regarding Ahmadis, when Pakistan becomes a true and effective state that IMPLEMENTS the Nifaz-e-Shariat in ALL aspects of its society.

"Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of
the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced"
-- Albert Einstein

I will accept those laws, when Heera Mandi closes down. When bribery stops. When the elections are not rigged. When education is funded. When the Government gives to its people, not themselves.

Does anyone even HAVE any idea of what an Islamic society is like? Of what an Islamic leader is like?
Such were the Caliphs that they'd carry wheat, flour, barley, sugar, oil themselves and give to to the poor people, making them dinner to feed their hungry stomachs!
Such were the Caliphs that they would not be recognized by other states because their clothes had so many patches in them!

And where comes Islam in tolerance, in forgiving, in accepting, in kindness, generosity, saving lives, NOT killing people, sharing love, charity, well-being and sacrifice? WHERE?

And our Government?
I'm ashamed.
Bigots. Traitors. Hypocrities.


Roshni said...

Jee...the blatant..open.. hypocricy depicted by the pakistani government AND the pakistani awaam is..stunning =| ..Quid-e-Azam's gonna' be proud =/
ps: I miss ya o.o

s3ayA said...

2 THINGS... congratulations on understanding the reality of this _____ land at an early age... secondly, here the laws are populist, nt islamic....

BoogieMonsterMan said...

s3aya-- Thx.
I can see where that cmae from, but in all other aspects, it does not even base its laws on the rights of the people. It's just a corrupt government with ulterior motives!

@Roshini-- lol so true.
That was really sweet :)
And yes, I miss you tooo <3

ozzie said...

I would normally have a lot to say, but as a Christian I will hold my tongue since my views will be myopic and in favor of Christianity.

I would say this, however, any entity with TOO MUCH power does not deserve to exist- The power and rights are given through God directly to us (the people) and not through governance or administrators and bureaucrats.

The people which look to subdue you are the people that offer to take care of you. There is no such thing as liberty if you are expected to give yourself to something/someone/government. The rights are in the man or woman to follow their faith alone.

All men are subject to the temptation of power and so we must all fear the men that have it since we can all be forced to submit when it is not of our own free God-given will.

But, in the end, it is our choice to do what is right or to do what would harm another man.

Salvation comes to us individually, and not by what we are forced to do, but what we choose to do. Limited freedom by government is limited choice of God. Pure freedom is the inaction of government in one's peaceful expression of one's faith.

BoogieMonsterMan said...

I wouldn't mind hearing your views even if they're biased towards Christanity-- but I do agree, it might ensure a debate, although, not heated :)

"People that look to subdue you are the people who offer to take care of you"
Personally, I believe that only God takes care of a human being. The food, the clothign, the shelter, is all God-given, albeit through someone or something.
As for the people that take care of that state and us, atleast in Pakistan, it's been seen that in the recent years, more than ever, corruption has increased to unbelievable heights and the 'power' cannot be trusted, at all. Or respected. These people only 'offer' to take care of us on paper, but their earnings go towards their own homes, not the state. Just have a closer look at the state of affairs in Pakistan and you'll see what I mean.

Ofcourse, when you talk of taking choices, the whole issue with illiteracy and voting for the right people, and rigged elections, feudalism comes in.

To conclude, I think that the people are suffering the way they are because they've forgotten God's will, the base on which the country was built.
As it is said in the Qur'an, "YOu will be sent leaders based on your actions"
Which means if you're good in action, good leaders, bad in action, bad leaders.