August 24, 2009

Freakin' Fabulous Award

So Rabi over here has tagged me with a freakin' fabulous award.
Thank you love!

The rules for this award:
* List 5 obsessions
* Pass the award to 5 other blogs, with their links
* Make sure you leave a comment on their blog, so they know about it
* Link to the person that gave you the award.

Before starting I'd like to mention, I don't really have obsessions. I'm not really obsessive, but I tend to have these phases where I really like something for a while so I'll collect it. And that's what we shall assume as obsessions. Okay? Okay! Let's go!

1. Skulls [Rabi and Chayon SO saw that coming =D]
I love to collect anything with skulls on them. And I have no freakin' idea why! No I'm not some Anti-God, blood-lusting, cult-following, hair-dying goth-fantisizing phenomenon, mind you >.>

2. Monsters [Oh for crying out loud!]

3. Cute notebooks and diaries :] Even regular blue registers that I like to decorate myself. Yeah I've been doing this for like..years now. And manages to collect very few, sadly enough :/

4. Foreign films. I like 'em all-- German, Korean, Japanese, Afghani, Persian, Turkish, Indonesian-- give me them all! I'd watch them anytime, anywhere!

5. My solitude? 'nuf said ._.

I tag- Randomness Infinite, Nabblogger, DannyBoyLove, Ugly aaaaaand Rabie! =D


Nabblogger said...

Haha. Thanks for the tag.
But ew that girl should wear a shalwar.

Nabblogger said...

Do I have to post that picture of the girl in high boots, too?

TehBoogieMonsterMan said...

:] you don't have to.

And yes, she should wear something that covers
Pagal larki>.<

Maryam said...


That's Gong yoo!

TehBoogieMonsterMan said...

@Maryam-- Welcome to the blog! YES THAT'S GONG YOO! =D