May 23, 2009


So...Homer Chacha tagged me with 10 things I would want to teach my kids..hmm..weird, 'cause I've often thought about these things. Let's see, 10 things I want to teach my kids (in no particular order):

1. Age doesn't matter when it comes to ethics:
A lot of the times you would've seen elders shun you out of the room because a sexually inappropriate scene is playing on the screen. If it's wrong for kids, it's wrong for you! Wrong is wrong, no matter what. Right and wrong applies equally to all. Similarly, "You're a kid, you should go get water for me!" Wth? I mean okay, it's a nice thing to do, and you do so out of respect for your elders. But to enforce this and be ungrateful and to think it's someone's DUTY to do it for you, I beg to differ. You can request someone, but not force them to go and do it for you and claim it your right, and not even thank them for it!

2. Pride/arrogance/ego = total no no
This gets you nowhere in life, and you learn nothing, absolutely zilch with that attitude. Pride is only for the one who is perfect, and no human is perfect. Everyone has faults. Pride is only for Allah Alone, the Most Beautiful, The Perfect. Arrogance and ego = one pathetic personality.

3. Gender-bias is wrong. Period.
Expecting a girl to KNOW how to clean/cook. What if she was a princess in a palace and had cooks and cleaners all the time? =_=. Besides, why ONLY women? Why not men? Are they not necessary for him for survival? Or are women only subjected to men's personal maid? =_=
Fine, one should be saleekemund and ghar chalana aana chahiye
magar agar nahin ata toh azaab nahin ajeyga! Aapko bhi toh nahin aata!
It should not be restricted to just gender. It's about being an individual. If men and women are equal, they should be treated that way. Men are not expected to know, women should not be expected to know either. Same goes for stitching, crafts, cooking, etc. The rules apply for all otherwise they're not fair.

4. Be yourself (and encourage them for doing so)
A lot of times when children are acting like themselves, they are shunned and rudely told them that they are wrong. They are children, they should be corrected politely. And NEVER shunned for being themselves. Their individuality comes from their pure innocence, and that should never be taken away from them at a young age.

5. Respect is not just for elders, but for everyone:
This is something that unfortunately many of us forget. Respect is essential for a successul, thriving and ethical society, not just elders. Respect for humans is what makes us considerate and understanding and caring about each other. My children should know that respect does not alleviate your status or elevate the other person's ego- it's something that is a basic human right.

6. Parents are your bestfriends
I would want them to share everything with me, so that I am able to guide them towards the right and warn them against the wrong. Friends, often at a young age, can influence a child through peer pressure, and that's what I don't want my children to give into or to succumb to- I want them to be individuals in its literal sense- a gem of their own kind, and be what they are. Staying true to themselves, and if I'm their bestfriend, they will look up towards me more than their friends.

7. Having unfaltering Faith in God
Nothing philosophical about this one. Just making them realize about the Truth and the Light and the Beauty of Islam

8. Standing up for your rights:
To be demanding is one thing, and to claim your rights is another thing. Know the difference and act accordingly.

9. Sacrifice
One doesn't get everything they want in life. If that were the case, the world would be at conflict (worse than now). Sacrificing for others is important, and in some cases, even essential. Everyone can live for themselves, but to live for others, very few people do that. Don't be absolutely selfless because in today's world, one can't survive like that. But know WHEN and HOW to sacrifice. That's what I want my children to know. I want them to sacrifice some of their desires to make others happy, because then God will reward them with much better things, and the reward HEREAFTER is what counts most.

10. Follow your dreams, but remember that the ultimate abode is in the World After
I want my kids to follow their dreams and achieve as much as they can from this life, but before taking thier decisions, they should be mindful of God and know that thier ultimate abode is the Hereafter and so all their efforts must not be futile and be lost in the wordly ways. Achieve whatever you can in this world and follow your dreams, but always take Allah's hand with you, whereever you go. And that is what will truly give you success.

I tag: Ugly & Ayla(already tagged by Homer Chacha), Richa (this should be interesting :P), Rabia, Mari, Naina, Mubi, Seher Baji, Ubeee, Rabie, Mav, Meena.


Ubaid said...

lolz... you'll be an excellent mother...

i'll do this tag soon :p ... but i have to teach different things to my kids :D

Abdul Sami said...

seher baji has alreaady done this

and beagly and ayla better do it quiiiickly!

you are so full of lectures :D

rabia said...

<3 ze entire list but no 3 is awesome....!!!

uglyduckling91 said...

Lol! =P Bicharay yehi yaad kartay rahain gay. =P~

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

Aww Ubi thanks :D

Homer Cha- :D LOL! That made me smile :D Amma mujhe kehti hain *qabil ki nani* =/ :P

Rabia- Thank you jaan <3

Pugly- Meanie >.<

secret.whispers said...

why would you tag me?!
i dont even want kids..

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...


secret.whispers said...

hence i don't care what morals my NON-EXISTENT children have..

what's the "exactly" about?

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