May 25, 2009

Swat Valley Crisis 101

What is it all about?
The operaion Rah-i-Rast by the Pakistani government to fight the Taliban insurgents and terrorists was announced in late April. As many as 200 militants have been killed so far, and the internally displaced Pakistanis of the Swat Valley that have escaped the war ridden region add up to nearly 200,000. This has led to a humanitarian crisis for the IDPs of the Swat Valley region, as those IDPs are cramped into camps that are constantly running out of place.

What are the problems being faced?
The refugees are used to the cold weather of the mountaneous region of Swat, and their transfer to the camps has resulted in diarrhoea and dehydration. There is no electricity and the water supply is limited. The unbearable heat is a cause of great distress for children and adults alike. Food supply is also limited as all the aid being supplied is not reachign each and every camp. Medicines are only restricted to painkillers and those of cold and flu. There is a shortage of female doctors and cultural aspects of the Sway Valley people results in a higher number of diseases among the women that are left uncured by the male doctors.

How can I help?
Possibly the hardest thing right now for the overseas Pakistanis is just sitting here and watching, unable to be physically there with our homeless brothers and sisters. But the least that we can do right now is make our donations and contributions in any possible way.
You can donate to the MKR Foundation. Pak Associations in the country of your residence are collecting non-perishable items to deliver to those in the relief camps. For those in Dubai-
You can help out by calling 04-337-3632 or 04-337-7678. You can contribute financially through United Bank Limited (Diera Dubai Branch) with the title Pakistan Association Dubai. Account # 080 104 62 29 SWIFT Code: UNILEAD If you want to email them and their website is
(Taken from James Nightline blog)

Various cellular numbers are also provided in certain reigions on which you can text and donate money through your network provider.

What items are needed for donations:
Clothes, medicines, sanitary commodities, water coolers, fans and tinned foods top the list in this case.

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