May 26, 2009

Sindh & Punjab Refuse To Accomodate IDPs

This is an outrage. A display of utterly uncivil and downright pathetic behaviour by the Punjab officials, and in Sindh's case, the people.

Based on the information provided through various news websites, such as this, basically what's happening, or rather what WAS happening is that while Sindh officials welcomed the IDPs in to their province, the workers of the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) were protesting against them moving into Karachi. While in Punjab, the officials themselves refused camps for IDPs being set-up in Punjab.

Now apparently, this is what was happening initially. As per this article the Punjab is now allowing land for IDPs to be set up.

Call me skeptical, but I'm feeling as if this is an act done just for the elections which Nawaz Sharif is now entitled to compete in. Maybe he really means it, he seems to have changed, but knowing how well Pakistani politicians play the hypocrisy game, we can never be too sure.

I wonder what news is on the Sindh side.

This is an act that Sindhis and Punjabis, infact, all Pakistanis who think Pakistan must be "Sindh" or "Punjab" should be ashamed of. Here we are, facing a human crisis with the intensity level as that of Congo/Darfur, and there they are contemplating whether Sindh and Punjab should allow relief efforts for IDPs because they are Pashtuns or non-Sindhis/Punjabis? What kind of a conscience does one have to have for such uncivilised behaviour to take place? Oh wait, that's right, illiteracy, or better yet, pure selfishness. Our country is falling into pieces and all one sees right now is an ethnic battle that these individuals are fighting against. Who cares who is Punjabi, Mohajir, Pathan, as long as we are Pakistanis. It's about time Pakistanis got together and united as one people. I can't even say that Pakistan is going to crumble because it already has. I understand that the Sindhis may have concerns regarding the over-crowding of an already crowded area. There is a highly inefficient water/electricity supply and the transfer of another, say, 5000-6000 people at the least would result in a lot of trouble. But stop to think for a minute, the Government (ha, as if) and the people are providing relief efforts. And this is a crisis, it's not a point to contemplate. Pakistanis have to ask permission before they can enter a province of their own country? I don't feel the lack of jobs or any other elements in a society can justify such an act of selfishness. This is not what you call a free country!


AD said...

This isnt a free country!
this country belongs to those who bark and hence not to me cuz i havent bared since i was born!

secret.whispers said...

nawaz sharif is an ass. and he will never change. he is an idiot who shouldnt even BE in politics.
at least, bhutto had smarts. he doesnt even have those..

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

AD- Well said.

Rabie- Bhutto had smarts, true said. This dude, *sigh*
Zardari? PWAHAHAHAHAHA! That dude makes me laugh.