May 1, 2009

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

For every tear fallen,
And every dream broken.
For every sigh unheard,
And every cry unheeded.
For every moment you crippled,
And every moment you fell.
For every plea,
And every hope.
For every soul crushed,
And every heart broken.
For every spirit dampened,
And every aura darkened.
For every prayer unanswered,
And every ego crippled.
For every desire unsatiated,
And every hunger emaciated.
For a past that never ends,
And wounds that never mend.
For every thought uninspired,
And every colour faded.
For every lost battle,
And every lost warrior.
For ecstatic moments unsmiled,
And each emotion disguised.
For a world that never was,
And never will be yours:
Some day a thousand splendid suns
Shall rise to the zenith of grueling sense.
Rays of wisdom shall dance down,
Basking a wall-flower in unfathomable glory.
Every petal illuminated
With Divine Light,
Every herb cleansed anew
With droplets of rain.
This is for you, and this is for I,
This is for me, and for my life.
Someday you and I, we will rise;
Rise to the zenith of unfathomable glory.



Ubaid said...

[-_-] brilliant !!

BoogieMonsterMan said...

Thanks Ubi!

uglyduckling91 said...

-- <- anger, envy, awe, numb.


BoogieMonsterMan said...

Itni gundi hai? =(

Anonymous said...

I like it. Only it's a bit too long. Beautiful, nonetheless.

BoogieMonsterMan said...

Thank you cavaliere84 for the honest opinion.

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