November 5, 2008


So, I was tagged by this talented lady over here, and I shall do what it requires:-

The Rules are:
[copied and pasted!]

~ Link to the Blogger who tagged you.
~ In your blog, post The Rules and...
~ Six quirky but unspectacular factoids about yourself
~ Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
~ Go to each person's blog, and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.
My own rule~ Let me know you've done this tagged post too!

1. Whenever I don't like someone, I imagine what's the worse that can happen, and I don't do it the normal way, I LITERALLY imagine us having a catfight or something totally extreme, and the thought often ends either one of us being in prison.

2. I MUST do the traditional air-blow-from-mouth after reciting a Du'a, otherwise I feel my Du'a isn't completed.

3. I can write English words and letters, mirrored. Like it's from left to write, I can write it right to left.

4. I can write with my right hand (sanely) on the blackboard, but not on the whiteboard or on paper.

5. I love singing along with the song, so much so that if the song isn't in sync with me, I will keep on rewinding it till we're exactly on the same word, heck even syllable!

6. I cannot stop shaking my left leg.

I tag:- Braceface XD, Homer, Enchanted, Rabia, Ry, Angel.


Richa said...

I offically love your blog. Not that I didn't before. It's just..I was reading this blog(the 3 newest posts actually) while my father was arguing with someone about something related to business and I discovered something new. Your blog is awesome. I mean, it really is. It helped bring a smile to my face through the god-knows-whatjunkI'mgoingthrough and- the best part is that in most of your entries, I can totally just imagine you ranting on like that with your adorable hand motions and all. =P Haa. But you know, you've got a point. It's not like 'N'meant to purposely put the blame on you, she had probably just panicked at that very time and- if she knew what was going to happenlater on- I doubt she would have done the same. Congrats on the rotis though! =D I wanted to eat one that you made. Awh.
But you're right about that; it's absolutely disguisting for a person to torture a poor creature like that. -shudders- I mean, heck, I believe the fact that them putting a live rat in a snake box for entertainment of the people is bad, so truly- I just think this is horrid. People are just getting more twisted as the days pass by.
Six quirky but unspectacular factoids about yourself? Haww..I don't really have any. Nowadays, people think I'm too simple to figure out anyways. Now, if only I thought that about myself. Haha. Especially Enchanted. She's all like ''re not a complicated person at all. You just think you are.'
I wonder whether to feel insulted or complimented considering she's the first person who has said something like that to me. o.O
So what I'm basically trying to say is keeeep updating as it may bring a change to someone's mood without you even knowing it.

Poisoned Apple said...

Hey Richa,
Dude, wow. You're comment made me feel so loved. It brought a smile on my face and filled my mind with wonder.
I have no idea how my blog can possibly make anyone happy, but if you say it did to you, then it's enough for me, because you're such an amazing person, you deserve to smile and be happy.
AWH! When you come over next time, you can totally have rotis and I'll make em for you =D
And you ARE complicated to read, and I don't think Nemo really knows. I don't think you think you're complicated, well, maybe a little bit, but you ARE complicated, hard to figure out, but once you do, it' kind of easy. Whatever, you're amazing, so ha! And it's not like it's a compliment or an insult, it's probably just a fact to her.

=) And thank you, that last line totally made me smile. =)I <3 you.

Richa said...

What can I say? I try to be unpredictable. =P
Have you noticed that you completely contridicted yourself by saying I'm not but I am? Lawl!
Well, you know what- you're loved and you're amazing. Deal with it. I wanna go...clothes trying onshopping funly doing random thing with you!-still too lazy to sign in-

Lunatic.... said...

Oh you are very talented with this writing thing :D loved the way you referred to me :)

Poisoned Apple said...

Awww ..
Btw- I said I don't think YOU THINK you're complicated, but you ARE =D
lol..yeah I get what you mean...

And Lunatic- thank you, but you know, it' true, you ARE very talented, mashAllah.

uglyduckling said...

LOL! I imagine the worst too. =p Laikin end main I die fighting against evil. =P

Anonymous said...

No.3 is verryy interesting =O

secret.whispers said...

when I dont like someone, i tell them to bug off, shut up and leave me alone..
theres a little piece of me-related trivia you most definitely DID NOT need to know


Chaah. said...

I don't think that I think I'm complicated? Pssh. I don't think I think at all in the first place xD
AND I posted this on mah blogg =)