June 12, 2008

Fickle Destiny

I wrote this poem yesterday. Comments would be appreciated. I might even set out distributing dimaonds as a token of appreciation...if only I was the Sheikha of Dubai.. *dreams*..
Oh..em Yah..

Fickle Destiny

Some thousand years ago from now,
In a God-forsaken land,
A little princess was born,
Unknown of her curse to man.

What once was behind those sinless eyes,
Tainted it is with the wrath of nefarious mortals.
What once were lucid emotions on a childish countenance,
Is now a decisive façade on a precocious childhood.

What once was believed to be a benevolent heart;
Sans revenge, sans shame, sans remorse,
Is now an absolute block of frozen emotions;
Sending shivers down the backbone of a vile past.

What once was meant to be the blossoming of a supple rose,
Resulted in the formation of fallen petals.
Who once was meant to be a butterfly,
Now flies on the wings of a moth.

Been versed to the point of perfection,
That destiny is fickle.
It surely is so,
Because hers could not be further from the truth.

Victim is,
What sinner does.
Life is,
How destiny turns.

So was the case,
For our cryptic princess.
A victim to
The crimes of destiny.

A thousand years begone,
And to this day she lives.
Though merely breathing.
For who says
Breathing is living?

She’s breathing through each day,
Each hour of long-lost tranquility.
She’s breathing through each day,
Each hour of long-lost demise.

12th June, 2008.


Floo said...

Wow, that poem is deep!

Anyway, i made the header for you... where do I send it?

Floo said...

go here:


boba said...

I really like that. And the new layout :)

Hanah Hamid said...

I think I'll go read it again because my brain is kinda numb right now....

Hanah Hamid said...

*reads again*
Arfa. I had NO IDEA you can write like this.
Im gonna add you to my links, k?

Richa said...

I adore that poem and I already told you everything before so yeah